Minister - Rev. Darren Liepold

I was born in Saskatchewan and raised in Moose Jaw. I graduated from High School there, then received my BA from the University of Regina, and my MDiv degree from the Vancouver School of Theology. I was ordained by Saskatchewan Conference in 1990. I have served the church in Ontario, British Columbia, at General Council level, in Australia, and am pleased to be here at Innisfail.

To me, the church has always been a place of welcome. Everyone is created in the image of God. Everyone is welcome to come to the church where they might be Affirmed and supported to be the people God created them to be. For me, Church should be a positive, life affirming space.

In my spare time, I am an avid photographer.  I am a trained tenor soloist. I blog and enjoy writing. I love travelling  and have recently enjoyed trips to Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and Hawaii. Sadly growing up in Saskatchewan, I feel compelled to cheer for the riders lose or win. I am married. We have a son Anthony, who lives in Toronto.

Office Administrator - Candice Thomas

Candice has been the office administrator at Innisfail United Church since 2005. You can find her in the office Tuesday through Friday from 9am to Noon.

Fellowship Coordinator - Gloria Werboweski

Gloria spearheads our “Souper” Sunday lunches and special occasion events.

Pastoral Care Coordinator - Joanne McCord

Joanne is a retired nurse who visits at the local hospital, senior residences, coordinates Women’s Night Out dinners at local establishments and manages the prayer chain. Do you have someone you would like to remembered in prayer? Contact Joanne at 403-865-0071.

Catering Coordinator - Gloria Werboweski

Gloria organizes catering for funerals and celebrations in our hall.

Church School Administrator - Janelle Carey

Janelle welcomes all children on Sundays from mid September to mid May for a time of learning and fellowship.